’90 Day Fiancé’: Julia Arrives at Brandon’s Farm in Tears

Julia Trubkina and her boyfriend, Brandon Gibbs, are getting ready to start life together in the United States. But the Fian 90 days first-month stars may not be particularly suitable.

The couple live with Brandon’s parents, Betty and Ron, on their remote farm in Virginia. And as she ventured up into the rural environment, Julia found herself in tears. Here’s why.

Julia Trubkina on '90 Fiancé Days'
Julia Trubkina on ’90 Fiancé Day ‘| TLC / Youtube

Julia spent the first few days in Washington, DC

As can be seen Fian 90 days, Brandon and his parents live in Dinwiddie, Virginia, a town about 150 miles south of Washington DC When Julia arrived at Dulles Airport, the family decided to spend the weekend in the nation’s capital to appear around.

Julia and Brandon stayed in their own hotel room, separate from the parents. But over their first dinner together, Betty and Ron told Julia that she would not be able to sleep with Brandon when they got home.

Ron and Betty tried to explain that it would be disrespectful and inappropriate for the couple not to sleep sleeping in the same room under their roof. But Julia was horrified by the idea. She pushed Brandon to try to change his mother’s mind, but Betty wouldn’t budge.

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The ’90 Day Fiancé ‘couple have to live with Brandon’s parents

Julia may not like the idea of ​​living by Ron and Betty’s strict rules. But she had little choice. Brandon spent most of his savings on his trips to visit her.

And Julia K-1 visa was also a huge expense. So to save money, Brandon told Julia that they must stay in his parents’ home.

“When I first met Julia, I explained to her, I’m not rich or anything, and I couldn’t move out of my parents’ house yet, ”Brandon said Fian 90 days cameras. “So when Julia arrives, we’ll be living with my parents on the farm, and we’ll have 90 days to get married. ”

The ’90 Day Fiancé ‘star heads up to see Brandon’s farm

On the recent program of Fian 90 daysJulia, Brandon, and her parents ended their Washington vacation and returned to Dinwiddie. Along the way, Julia noticed how rural the area was, quite different from her busy city life in Russia.

But when they finally reached the farm, Julia noticed a “Welcome Home” sign on the porch and it started to pop up. She told delegates that seeing the house meant that she and Brandon would start their lives together.

“I feel so happy to be living with him,” said Julia. “I feel at this moment, my heart very, very happy. Now we are together. We don’t have to move, we don’t have to go home, we don’t have to go to another country. We live together, and we’re fine. ”

But Julia’s moments of joy began to wane when Betty told her about the farm work she was planning to do. And with Julia pushing back against Ron and Betty’s rules about her sleep preparations, it’s fair to assume that tension is on the horizon.

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