’90 Day Fiancé’: Jihoon Lee Asks Fans for Money to Fight for Custody of Taeyang

Jihoon Lee has not seen his son Taeyang since Deavan Clegg left Korea. The 90 day testimonial: The other way around a star has been using his social media ever since to try to get Clegg to let his child see it. Now, he wants money from them.

Deavan Clegg and Jihoon Lee TLC

Deavan Clegg and Jihoon Lee were defeated

After Clegg and Lee broke up, Clegg flew back to America. When she started dating someone new, fans called her out and said she was replacing Lee in Taeyang ‘s life. She took to Instagram to tell her own side of the story.

“I hate how everyone thinks I’m taking you away from someone special,” she wrote in a now-defunct writing under a photo of Taeyang. “When I was really trying I did my best, but still someone hasn’t called, texted, or asked about you in weeks. And the little money they gave you, they asked for back.

“I gave this special person a chance and I was willing to work something out,” she continued. “This special person has said over and over again that they don’t want to do anything to you that will break my heart but nevertheless this special person will sit back and lie down and let him go. While you and I are hiding away because his lies have put us in danger. ”

Lee later admitted that he had blocked Clegg from social media, but wanted to prevent Taeyang from being seen by Clegg’s new girlfriend.

“It’s been a while since I’ve seen Instagram, and it’s so silly
I just want to focus on myself right now, ”he wrote on his Instagram story. “I want to forget the pain.

“And I don’t want to be involved in my life,” he wrote. “So I blocked them all. So awesome but that’s how I organize my mind. I will never forget my son and will love him forever. Every time I try to be comfortable, I keep seeing things. I want to be comfortable now. “

Jihoon Lee needs help with a capture battle

Since his bankruptcy, Clegg has accused Lee of abusing her daughter, Drascilla. Now, Clegg and Lee are in legal proceedings regarding Taeyang’s arrest. Recently, a fan in America started a GoFundMe to help Lee with his legal costs.

Now, Lee has revealed that the GoFundMe is legitimate.

“Halo, this is Jihoon,” Lee wrote in a captured Instagram story CinemaBlend. “I am delighted with the support I have received in being able to have a chance in my son’s life. I have made mistakes but I am trying to improve for the future. I appreciate everyone who is willing to help me see my son. If you can donate to the GoFundMe organized for me and Taeyang, I thank you and if not, I greatly appreciate your support. ”

He then told his fans that the GoFundMe set up by @amandagraycecrosby was the official fund for his legal fees. The money is expected to go to a lawyer to represent Lee.

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