’90 Day Fiancé’ Fans Slam Tom Brooks for Instagram Post About Trump Supporters

Fian 90 days fans of the franchise don’t really like star Tom Brooks. Of course, the star has the coterie of diehards, but many still feel a bitterness towards Brooks for his behavior both on and off the show. Brooks also takes an interest in American politics, and often raises his opinion, despite not being involved in them. Now, after posting misinformation about Donald Trump’s insults, Brooks is getting more backing from fans.

Why Tom Brooks is considered a franchise ‘villain’

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Tom Brooks lost a huge chunk of fan support when he and Darcey Silva broke up. Many Fian 90 days fans felt as if Brooks was going out of his way to be rude to Silva as they parted ways.

In particular, Brooks asked Silva if she had gained weight, told her she was on it, and then left her in tears.

When they broke up, Brooks said he felt like Silva would never let his case fully unfold or get a word in the right way. He went on to explain that it feels like she’s too fond of her relationship with Jesse Meester.

“It’s not your opinion and your idea of ​​love. You had it with him. But I love you in a different way. I love you like my sister, ”he told Silva.

Brooks then suggested that the two should be friends, and Silva said she was not willing to follow that path yet. Brooks seemed to be feeling awkward, which is when he asked his little question.

“Did you put pressure on him?” Brooks asked, lashing out. Silva kept waking her up until Brooks left, and then she started crying.

Tom Brooks posts false information about Donald Trump’s supporters

Tom Brooks and Ashley Martson from Fian 90 Days
Tom Brooks and Ashley Martson from Fian 90 days | Bruce Glikas / WireImage

Since then, Tom Brooks has become somewhat infamous among fans Fian 90 days. The reality star has made several other differing comments about women’s bodies on his Instagram, including in response to comments.

It was also discovered that Brooks was running Darcey Silva ‘s hate account on Instagram, which he linked to his email and phone number – not Brooks’ cloak and dagger expert.

Now, Brooks is posting about politics. He has shown interest in Donald Trump and his politics in the past, and after the terrorist activity in Washington DC on January 6, Brooks is spreading false information about the riots.

Like many other deceptive individuals, Brooks has added posts to his Instagram story suggesting that the rioters were provocative producers or planted actors. Brooks sent back two such messages.

“It seems Antifa and other bad actors have started to lodge the protest and are acting as supporters of Trump. [sic], ”Read one message to some extent. Brooks wrote, “anarchists” below.

Another post showed a picture of Donald Trump’s insurgents inside the Capitol building, along with what he said, “They have no clue but they are not Trump supporters.”

To reiterate, this is misinformation, and of course the people who were raised supported Donald Trump.

’90 Day Fiancé ‘fans will respond

Fian 90 days Tom Brooks doesn’t like fans – this is not a new experience for them, because of Brooks’ past behavior. They took to Reddit to hear their displeasure.

“Thank God! I’ve been watching TV all day wondering what that contemptible British feeling that lives with his mother and dances like a gecko thinks of all this. ” mockery single user.

“It wasn’t Antifa. And STFU Tom. Worry about your country and your queen ** the queen, ”said another.

“I feel like Tom supports Trump as a last ditch effort for any kind of attention,” said one starter.

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