’90 Day Fiancé’ Fans React to Tarik Myers’ Song ‘Hawt Sauws’

Fian 90 days recently star Tarik Myers was very much falling out with his brother Dean Hashim, and as a result the two no longer talk. While that is certainly thrown in some of the work with TLC, Myers is busy with other projects on his own – including his music career. To that end, Myers appeared on the Discovery + spinoff, 90 days carrying all, and gave a performance of his new song, ‘Hawt Sauws.’ Fans were not swept away.

Tarik Myers tasting sex with Dean Hashim

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Tarik Myers and his brother Dean Hashim have been struggling with personal problems with each other while in the tenancy of the Fian 90 days franchise. Myers recently said Hashim tried to shoot him Pillow conversation.

“He has bad blood on me. It became very ugly. And I don’t even know if I should say this or not, but he tried to get them to set me on fire, ”Myers said. Entertainment tonight.

He told them if he didn’t do that Pillow conversation by himself because he was the star, he would stop. So, news stories, Dean tried to take his brother away Pillow conversation. Time. End of story. Now, if you don’t call that back … ”he explained.

Hashim, however, had a different story. He said Myers got aggressive and facial at one point, which put it all off.

“Everyone who was in that room, when we had that 20-minute argument and he’s standing above me with his veins out of her neck like a maniac, they know why , ”Said Hashim, each Weekly Us.

“They know why because they’ve seen how changeable things are between us and how it is, ‘Why? For what?'”

Tarik Myers performs ‘Hawt Sauws’ on camera

Now, Tarik Myers is back on the spot again. But not because of his family drama. Instead, the Fian 90 days a star released a new song, ‘Hawt Sauws’. Myers played the song in a program of Bares All.

Shaun Robinson introduced Myers as “Virginia Beach’s favorite,” and the reality star took to the stage with a towel to play his new tune. Before beginning the song, he states that it is “Anthony Bourdain.”

Myers’ a new song available on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, and Amazon, among other platforms.

’90 Day Fiancé ‘fans respond to’ Hawt Sauws’

Tarik Myers of Fhian 90 days
Tarik Myers de Fian 90 days | TLC through YouTube

Fian 90 days fans weren’t blown away by Tarik Myers ’performance, song and album art. The reality star has received some criticism from his performance.

“I like the way the camera team goes out for this and Shaun is like, ‘how do you dance to this? ‘while also counting the money she makes for every second she has to listen to this,’ said one Reddit user.

“I’ve been ashamed to see this maybe four times now. My little prey yes ?? Wtf does that even mean? I have to admit when he said ‘what am I laughing at,’ said another user.

Others covered the cover of the album for the song, which has strange text outside the place compared to the image behind it.

“The art of the album was going well until they introduced the WordArt-style font in the early 2000s,” write one critic.

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