’90 Day Fiancé’: Fans React to Darcey Silva’s Engagement News

Fans of Darcey Silva from 90 day Fian: Before 90 days Darcey’s quest to find true love is known to be a winding road, but it looks likely that she will eventually find Prince Charming. In the upcoming program of Darcey & Stacey, fans are going to see her get what she ever wanted: a compliment. The news came out ahead of the show, and fans didn’t hold back.

Darcey Silva is back with Georgi Rusev, despite horrific news she recently learned

Darcey Silva
Darcey Silva | Raymond Hall Pictures / GC

Darcey met Georgi Rusev on social media, and they met in person at the Super Bowl in Miami. Georgi is a massage therapist living in Washington, DC, and recently met Darcey in New York City where they had a magical time.

During a quarantine for the coronavirus (COVID-19), Darcey invites Georgi to come and see her, and although he succumbs at first, he finally decides to come and stay with Darcey. The couple gets a swanky apartment to share, and their future looks bright.

During quarantine together, Darcey reveals that she learned that Georgi is married, albeit separated and going through a divorce. Georgi says he told Darcey when they met in Miami, but Darcey says, “drinks were involved,” and she can’t remember telling her.

Darcey and Georgi are officially involved

In the latest episode of Darcey & Stacey, Georgi has been thinking about recommending to Darcey. He says she’s “everything,” and he even shows off a shiny new ring.

The news of the pledge came out in a separate article from People, where it is revealed that Darcey was involved back in June this year. The promise was also announced on TLC’s social media pages, and Darcey is seen kissing her boyfriend in the post.

“Fairies are coming to fruition! Darcey and Georgi are ENGAGED. See it go down on Sunday at 10 / 9c on the final season of #DarceyAndStacey, ”the post is titled Twitter.

’90 Day Fiancé ‘fans respond to Darcey’s communications news

The news was undoubtedly shared Reddit, and a user posted a picture of the article from People. Fans of Fian 90 days there are a lot of mixed feelings about the whole situation.

One fan thinks the couple might work together. “Surprisingly enough, I think they will work,” they admit. “Georgi is really nice…”

There is another hope that Georgi has parted at this point. “I hope it’s split now, otherwise this is just a promise ring… Which in a way I’m still better than a fruit ring,” said a fan.

“There is no way Darcey got an engagement ring and didn’t tell the world about it. Zero, ”someone added.

No fan thinks that the proposal will lead to anything “good”. “Lord, here we go. Nothing good will come of that, ”someone thinks.

It seems that someone else agrees that the whole thing will “end badly” for them. “Unfortunately, I agree,” they said. “It will end badly. I hope not, I can’t see sadly. ”

A. Fian 90 days fans are “surprised” that Darcey is allowed to consider the situation before the end of the season. “Surprisingly she is allowed to show this with her season still on the air,” they said.

One Reddit user is hoping it will work out for Darcey, but they don’t think it will. “I honestly hope this works out for her, but to be honest I’m skeptical,” they said.

“This dude is still married. How do you recommend to someone when you are still legally married? Put your affairs in order before you start a new marriage, ”wrote someone else.

Fans have a lot of ideas about Darcey’s new connection, and will see it go down in the last season.

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