’90 Day Fiancé’: Fans Have Wildly Different Opinions After Darcey Silva Shares Her ‘Dream Board’ – ‘You Have Issues’

Darcey Silva has become a key part of the Fian 90 days franchise. Since her first days in the series, fans have gotten to know the special woman and what she brings to the table. Darcey first appeared in the franchise in 90 day testimonial: Before 90 days. She even won her own spinoff with her sister, Stacey Darcey & Stacey.

Darcey recently shared her “dream board” on Instagram, which inspired many different opinions from fans.

Darcey Silva is now involved

Darcey Silva
Darcey Silva | Raymond Hall Pictures / GC

Over the years, fans have seen Darcey struggle to find love with Jesse Meester and Tom Brooks. However, finally her wine, Georgi Rusev. Her journey has been a long and tedious process at times, but it provides a lot of fan entertainment over the years, and even a few phrases.

In season 1 of Darcey & Stacey, Darcey begins a new trembling relationship. Georgi Rusev, who lives in Washington, DC and is originally from Bulgaria, met Darcey for the first time on social media. They last saw each other in person during the Super Bowl in Miami.

After Darcey’s request comes to visit her during the coronavirus (COVID-19), Georgi finally arrives, and the two get their own flat in the meantime. Despite some drama (of course) they finally get involved despite Georgi already being married and going through a divorce.

So will there be season 2 of the series? Although not named for the new season, according to ScreenRant, if season 2 happens, fans can look for the first release this year around August 2021.

Darcey recently shared her ‘dream table’

Darcey is known to have shared on social media with her followers, and recently shared her “dream board” Instagram. The role is a collage of many images combined. The first one that draws in the eye is the large diamond ring in the top left corner. The rock is incredibly impressive. Next to it is a rather large cottage with a nice underground pool. Below that picture is a young woman with only her nose down. In the bottom left square are a number of cut-outs depicting a woman turned away from a diamond ring with a hand holding it. There are also pictures of women in wedding dresses, a woman on the beach, and wedding venues including a reception area and reception area.

Darcey introduced: “Darcey’s Dream Board! ❤️💋 #darceysilva #love #family #dream #manifest #anikoandaspen #darceyandstacey #darceyandgeorgi #darceysilva #home. “

Fans had completely different opinions about Darcey’s latest post on social media. Some tore in about it, but others seem to support it.

Some fans rip into Darcey

Fans had many different opinions on “Darcey’s dream board.” Opinions were widespread and very varied. Some fans tore into Darcey calling it everything from “needed” to “materialistic and plastic”. ”

One Instagram follower says that Darcey could be using her social media “for the good of the world. However, they say it’s “about being physically fit and needing one.”

Another calls it “necessary” in a comment. “Act on your age, needy man! Lol ”they said.

“All materials and plastics,” said another. “Spend time with your children!”

A fan compares Darcey to “fly” in one memorable comment. “She’s like a fly that won’t go away,” they said.

One fan wants to understand why Darcey is “hanging” “married.” “I really like that I understood why Darcy is so dependent on marriage,” they said.

Others submitted comments “Grow up !!!” and “You have things.”

On the other hand, some fans had positive things to say

Some fans had a lot of positive moves for the celebrity. A fan sees nothing “wrong” with Darcey’s post. “I literally see nothing wrong with this idk why ppl hate it lol,” they explained.

“I hope your dreams come true!” said another fan.

Some fans submitted comments that included “Vision boards will come to fruition !! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ ”and“ Love ♥ ️. ”

One fan hopes that “Darcey’s dreams are coming true. ”“ Hope your dreams come true, Darcy 🙏🙏, ”they said.

While another fan has the same feeling for the celebrity. “I wish you every success and may your dreams come true Darcey, you deserve ❤️ A lot of love,” they said.

Fans on both sides have a lot of ideas when it comes to Darcey’s visual board on Instagram.

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