’90 Day Fiancé’ Fans Call Yara ‘Snotty’ After She Threatens Jovi About Going Back to Ukraine

Ever since then Fian 90 days star Yara Zaya landed in America, she has been unhappy with her boyfriend, Jovi Dufren. And when she threatened to return to Ukraine over a small argument, some fans called her out for being “snotty. ”

'90 Day Fiancé 'star Yara Zaya
’90 Day Fiancé ‘star Yara Zaya | TLC / Youtube

Yara shares her first impression of New Orleans

After waiting months to get his K-1 visa, Yara flew to New Orleans to reunite with Jovi. The couple had a strange reunion at the airport. And when Yara saw Jovi’s apartment, she was disappointed with its size and maintenance.

And when Jovi took her boyfriend out for a walk around the center of The Big Easy’s famous Bourbon Street party, she didn’t like it.

“New Orleans, I thought it would be different because they have so many people here,” Yara told delegates. “But, my goodness, Bourbon Street, I don’t even know how people get there. To my European mind, it ‘s just too much. It just smells like pee and throws up. It’s so awful. ”

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“I think America will, I may not think America is a sweet dream or something like that, but so, Ukraine looks better,” she said. then to Jovi. “I mean it’s poorer, but it looks better.”

The ’90 Day Fiancé ‘couple argue about living with Jovi’s mother

After walking through Bourbon Street, Jovi asked Yara about their upcoming trip to his mother’s house. Yara refused to spend the night there. And when Jovi questioned why she was threatening to return to Ukraine.

“I’m not saying I don’t want to spend a few hours in your mother’s home,” Yara told him. “I said I didn’t want to sleep there – because it wouldn’t be comfortable for me. If you want, you can go it alone. Your ways are over, and the door is always open, and I can always go back to Ukraine. “

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Jovi was surprised to hear Yara say that. But she stood by the idea and said Ukraine was not a “bad place” to live.

’90 Day Fiancé ‘fans will respond to Yara’s comments

After hearing Yara complain about New Orleans and America and threatening to return to Ukraine, some Fian 90 days fans felt she was a little gloomy.

“Yara is snotty,” one said Reddit user suggested. “I have enjoyed a lot of Ukrainian family and friends who enjoyed their time in my southern city and it is nowhere near as cool as NOLA. They always find the worst Ukrainians who come to this show. I can assure you most of you are not like Yara. ”

“I’m glad Jovi won’t join Yara,” wrote another Redditor. He tells her that she can go back to Ukraine if she doesn’t like it! Unlike the other boys on this show who have slim opportunities with US women, so they’re going abroad. ”

But some viewers understood her point. And they felt she shouldn’t be pressured to live somewhere she wasn’t comfortable.

“She hasn’t asked for anything unreasonable yet,” said one Reddit fans shared. “Instead of taking her party, she could take it to Target to buy some storage bins or something so they can get a dresser right in the room. But he just wants to party and have a drink. She agreed to visit his mother, just that she did not want to sleep over. Totally reasonable. ”

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