’90 Day Fiancé’: David Murphey’s Ex Lana Has a Cameo and Is Speaking English

TLC fans will remember watching David Murphey go after his Russian girlfriend, Lana 90 day Fian: Before 90 days Season 7. Before this season, David told the audience that he and Lana were no longer together. Since then, Lana has been spotted on Cameo and speaks English, at least!

David Murphey of ’90 Fiancé Day ‘| TLC

David Murphey’s relationship with Lana on ’90 Day Fiancé

Quarter 7 of 90 day Fian: Before 90 days it was wild. There were several couples making headlines again for their amazing relationships. David and Lana caught TLC fans first, as many were convinced Lana really wasn’t. When she finally met David in person after seven years (and he stood several times), fans were amazed.

On David’s Instagram, he would often defend Lana for appearing inconsistent. He blamed her personal behavior on the edit.

David Murphey says he and Lana aren’t ‘together’

By the end of their season of 90 day Fian: Before 90 days, David had praised Lana, who was like him. But when asked about their engagement during all, he said they did not have a wedding date in mind.

“No, of course not,” said David. “It will take a year or more to get a visa. The Government is not even open. And now immigration is banned. My next step is to move to Ukraine. I am retiring and moving to Ukraine. ”

Plus, TLC fans will remember that Lana told David that she could only communicate with him through a special app (that he was paying for it). It should not be on other communication sites, such as Facebook. But it seems, at least for now, Cameo is A-OK.

We need to see if there is anything going on between David and Lana. Maybe they’re just back on our TV screens sometime.

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