’90 Day Fiancé’: Counting Down the 10 Most Shocking Moments of 2020

The stars Fian 90 days The franchise has run the emotional gamut in 2020. As expected, the TLC series has skipped enough times.

Alejandro and Nicole in 'The Family Chantel' '90 Day Fiancé '
Alejandro and Nicole in ‘The Family Chantel’ ’90 Day Fiancé ‘| TLC / YouTube

From the original series to the other results include Ro the 90 days, Darcey and Stacey, Ever happy after? and The Elements of the Family, these are 10 of the most impressive times of the year.

10. Darcey calls Stacey ‘Miss Piggy’ on their 90 day Fiancé result

Stacey wanted to wear a puffy big ball gown for her wedding, but Darcey had worries. Being polite, well-mannered women, Darcey was worried that her twin sister would look like Mrs. Piggy on her wedding day.

Charlie rambled drunkenly about how a sister and her husband should not use their father for money. However, most people at the wedding did not speak English, so they did not know what Charles was saying.

The Fian 90 days franchise broadcasts new times Sunday and Monday nights on TLC.

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