’90 Day Fiancé’: Chantel Reveals Pedro’s Ulterior Motive to Their Upcoming Trip

Quarter 2 of The Elements of the Family officially back, and the series takes the drama. Chantel Everett and her husband, Pedro Jimeno, are at the center of the stage. Chantel is preparing to graduate from nursing school, and Pedro is taking her on a trip to New York. However, there is an ulterior motive for this trip, and it does not apply to Chantel.

Chantel Everett tells her mother that Pedro is taking her to New York to graduate

Pedro Jimeno and Chantel Everett on 'The Family Chantel'
Pedro Jimeno and Chantel Everett on ‘The Family Chantel’ | TLC /YouTube

In anticipation of what is to come episode, Chantel and her mother, Karen, go out to shop for sweaters, because Karen plans to get everyone together for pictures in ugly sweets. She asks her daughter if she’s still on track to graduate, and Chantel says she recently had a job interview and is in the plastic surgeon’s office. She hopes it works out, because she would love to work there.

Karen then asks what tests her daughter still has, and Chantel says her final test is yet to pass.

Next, the topic comes up about what Pedro is planning for a Chantel graduation. “So what is Pedro planning for your graduation? ”Karen asks.

“He told me he was going to take me to New York,” Chantel reveals.

Chantel reveals Pedro’s ulterior motive to their upcoming journey

Karen asks why he is taking her to New York, and Chantel tells her the truth of the matter. “Nicole is dating a man in New York,” Chantel says, referring to Pedro’s sister. “And Pedro really wants to meet this boy. ”

Karen asks how that equates to a gift for graduation, and Chantel is at a loss for words. “Um, right,” she says. “I thought the same thing, but it’s a gift. ”

“This trip should have been a gift for me to graduate, but then Pedro admitted to me that his mother wants him to go to New York because Nicole is meeting for her boyfriend there, and that he for me to come, ”Chantel tells the cameras. “This is another example of Pedro putting his mother and sister first, and then trying to get me in at the last minute. ”

Pedro’s sister has a new one

In the first episode of the new season, Nicole, Pedro’s sister, tells her friend, Coraima, details of her new husband. She says she loves Alejandro, and even gave him a nickname.

“I have a boyfriend,” said the cameras. “We’ve been together for a few months, and I nicknamed ‘My chichi.’ Alejandro is very attentive. ”

Nicole explains that she met Alejandro years ago at a party. He posted a message to her on Instagram, and that’s how it all started. “I can start by telling you that he was the most amazing man I ever met in my life,” she says. “He’s also a Dominican, and he lives in New York. So we met a lot, many years ago at a party. I’ve always seen it on Instagram. And he sent me a message. And the first thing he asked me was, ‘When are you coming to visit? ‘”

Nicole plans to move to New York soon, and she really wants to live with Alejandro in New York City. It makes sense that her brother would want to meet him first, thinking that the mother has not yet met him.

We need to see how the trip to New York goes.

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