’90 Day Fiancé’: Brittany Banks Reveals Why Her Divorce Is Taking So Long

Brittany Banks has appeared this season of 90 day testimonial: The other way around with his girlfriend Yazan. This season, Yazan has been working to get Banks to convert to Islam so they can get married. Unfortunately, unbeknownst to Yazan, Banks is still married to her ex. Now, she opens up on why she couldn’t get a divorce.

Marriage of Brittany Banks

At the start of the season, Banks revealed on camera that she was still married.

“I married my ex five years ago and it didn’t work out the way I thought it would,” she admitted.

“And right now he’s not playing nice at all. It’s giving me a hard time, ”she continued, talking about the divorce.

Banks’ husband was sent away shortly after their marriage. With her husband no longer around, Banks did not feel the need to rush to divorce in the first place.

Why does divorce take so long?

Banks had sought legal aid before going to Jordan, but the lawyer told her the divorce could take up to a year. Halfway through the season, Banks left Jordan to settle the divorce but things have continued to move slowly.

“Fun information about us,” she wrote a picture of now and Yazan. “Jack Daniels is Yazan’s favorite drink. Yazan loves women hashish, tramadol, and gaslighting. He is also fond of cheating with ‘90 Day Fiancé’ fans. He is on his third. His favorite pastime is blaming others for what he did. Enjoying @yazan_abuhurira did I miss anything? Should I respectfully refer to your temple out of control? ”

Fans may not find out the truth about the status of Banks and Yazan’s relationship until everyone tells.

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