’90 Day Fiancé’: Big Ed Brown Working to Get Even With Rose Vega After She Posts Glam Transformation

90 day Fian: Before 90 days stars just aren’t known for making their relationships last. In fact, many older couples publicly quarrel with each other once the relationships go south. Big Ed Brown and Rose Vega seem to want nothing to do with each other since their relationship didn’t work out. Now, Brown is working to get even with his predecessor.

Big Ed Brown and Rose Vega relationship

Brown and Vega started to back down despite Brown’s daughter’s bad opinion. When Brown came to the Philippines to visit Vega, it was clear that he had not been honest when chatting with Vega online.

“So I wasn’t completely honest with Rose [my height] and a few other things, ”he said Entertainment tonight. “Lying down is never a good idea. You have to be honest and I learn that even if you have strong feelings for someone, it’s best to get out in the open. If it doesn’t, it will come back to bite you. ”

Despite his lies, the two continued so far. During his time in the Philippines, Brown asked Vega to take an STD test, shake her legs, and use a mouthpiece. Even though Brown ‘s requests were very rude, Vega stayed with him.

She didn’t end the relationship until Brown revealed he didn’t want children.

“I should be more honest,” Brown told Vega on the show. “I’m sorry. I should say I don’t want more kids, but I wanted to get to know you. I wanted to [you] to get to know me to make sure we are consistent. ”

Brown’s apology was too little too late and Vega broke up with him.

“I know who [you are]. I think so, ”she told him. “First [you] he lied to me about it [your] height. South? Then you want to give me an STD test right? And about mouth to mouth, why tell me? You know I am [am] sick, I’m on [an] ulcer.

“I’m ashamed because you’ve always embarrassed me,” she continued. “I wonder [you] do not love me. I’m done. ”

Big Ed and Rose feel it after the breakup

Vega and Brown broke up before being filmed but were supposed to keep their relationship status a secret while the show aired. But before last season started, Vega went live on Instagram and called Brown out to go back to being famous.

“How sorry you are,” she said. “[Ed] no big deal [about] me. He just wants to be famous, which is why he does that … He didn’t even give me a penny. ” Vega deleted the video later.

When the two reunited for the reunion, it was clear that things were still tight. During the reunion, Vega said she did not want to do anything with Brown.

Big Ed Brown gets even with Rose Vega

Vega became a loving castmember throughout her season. Since then she has gained over half a million followers on Instagram and has taken advantage of her Fian 90 days reputation by starting a YouTube channel. She recently brought out a new, glamourous look. Earlier this week, Vega posted several pictures of herself looks like a supermodel with fresh bronze locks and full of glam.

The day after Vega posted the new photos, Brown posted a picture of himself in the gym, working on being more energetic.

Was this a coincidence or is Brown trying to catch her ex’s call?

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