’90 Day Fiancé’: Are Yara and Jovi Still Together?

The couples forward Fian 90 days we do not know for sure to have lasting relationships. Some of them film past it but then break up before the special reunion. Yara and Jovi are two of the newest members of the Fian 90 days family. Are they still together now?

Couples ’90 Day Fiancé ‘must keep secrecy

Before you appear on it Fian 90 days, couples must sign nondisclosure agreements. The exact terms and conditions of the agreements have not been released but the agreements limit what cast members say about their relationships before the end of the season. Several cast members have been in trouble in the past for talking about their relationship statuses throughout the season. But despite the fact that most cheese members stay pretty tight all season long, there are still ways to tell who’s together and who’s not.

Yara and Jovi’s relationship

Yara and Jovi met because of Jovi’s work. After growing up working summers on shrimp boats, Jovi went into underwater robots, which is an area in which a lot of people travel.

“I’ve been to 25 countries just for work,” he told the show. “When I go to that country, I stay on the boat all the time for 28 days. I work four weeks on, four weeks off, so with my time off, I would choose a country to go to and spend my four weeks there. ”

While he was bored, he downloaded a travel app to meet people. He met Ukrainian Yara on the app.

Are Yara and Jovi still together?

Yara and Jovi are still together on television but that doesn’t mean the same is true for everyday life. Although they cannot comment on their relationship status, there are signs that the two are still together.

Yara’s Instagram bio is currently reading “38 countries / traveling with me [heart] 90 fiancé ”and Jovi likewise say,“ New Orleans, LA …… .The adventure to see the world! 57/195 countries. ”

So it would seem that the two are still together and traveling the world.

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