’90 Day Fiancé’: Amira and Andrew Find a Visa Loophole During Pandemic Travel Ban

Amira and Andrew recently did their part Fian 90 days debate, and the couple’s story is the first fans to look unopened during the COVID-19 pandemic. To get around the U.S. travel ban while their K-1 visa was still active, Andrew and Amira decided to meet in Mexico and quarantine before attempting to enter the United States.

Andrew and Amira on '90 Day Fiance '
Andrew and Amira on ’90 Day Fiance ‘| TLC / Youtube

The couple met ’90 Day Fiancé’ online

Andrew is a 32-year-old “day care dude” who runs a day care center with his mother out of her home in Roseville, California. Because of his long working days, Andrew turned to dating websites to meet women. But after finding no fortune in the US, he entered an international site where he met Amira, a 28-year-old from Saumur, France.

Amira, who is “half French and half Egyptian,” felt the need to go abroad to find herself. After falling for Andrew on the return site, she flew to Las Vegas to meet him. And within three days of their romantic vacation, the Fian 90 days a couple were involved.

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Andrew applied for Amira to come to the US on a K-1 visa

Amira returned to France after the promise. And in the meantime, Andrew applied for his 90-day K-1 fiance visa.

The couple waited more than a year to obtain a visa agreement. But when it finally came in, travel restrictions as a result of the pandemic changed their plans.

“I finally got my K-1 visa,” said Amira Fian 90 days representatives. “I finally got it. More than one year, we’ve been waiting for that thing. And now that I have it, I can’t even use it as the cause of the coronavirus. “

Just as the Amira visa came in, the United States banned travelers from Europe. And with a small window of time, Amira was worried that her visa would go out before she could get to Andrew.

“My visa is good for five months, but now we are running out of time,” she said. “The same day I received my visa, President Trump imposed a travel ban on anyone from a European Union country, such as France. So even if I was looking for a flight to go to the US, I would arrive at an American airport, and they would not accept me. ”

The ’90 Day Fiancé’ couple are planning a quarantine in Mexico

With just a few weeks left on Amira’s visa, Andrew looked for a solution to get her in the country. He told his mother that he was worried if he did not apply for the visa as soon as possible; the couple may not get another chance to be together.

After finding online message boards where people shared their similar situation, he found a gap for importing Amira into the US. He decided to meet her in Mexico and then take her back to California after a two-week quarantine.

But it doesn’t look like Andrew’s plan went as smoothly as he expected. In a clip for the next program, he gets some disappointing news from Amira, who may say she couldn’t do it. Fans will see how their story expands as this season of Fian 90 days follow up.

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