’30 Rock’ Had a ‘Real Housewives’-Inspired Episode

TV shows often cross paths in Hollywood, but it’s still fun to watch it play out when it happens in our favorite shows. Especially ones that are not similar in genre or story.

Just like style Real housewives playing a part in a program of 30 Creag. Fans are used to liberal Liz Lemon and curator Jack Donaghy running the show, making a number of jokes with the summary, and their interim relationship back and forth.

What fans didn’t see as an amazing program was appearance Real housewives after Tracy Morgan took eight weeks off.

’30 Rock ‘general view

Keith Powell as Toofer, Tina Fey as Liz Lemon, Scott Adsit as Pete Hornberger
Keith Powell as Toofer, Tina Fey as Liz Lemon, Scott Adsit as Pete Hornberger | Ali Goldstein / NBC / NBCU Photo Bank

30 Creag it is a satirical comedy full of absurd drama itself, though it is not so much criticized for not being considered a reality TV. Nonetheless, Tina Fey plays Liz Lemon, who works for jerk (first) and deals with arrogant and high-stakes actors at her job as a lead writer for a comedy show.

The show captures the shenanigans from being behind the scenes of a comedy show, with many discovering similarities. Saturday Night Live (SNL). However, it’s no secret that Liz is based on Fey, a former SNL chief writer.

Despite his success, fey thought the show would go off early in season one. But,30 Creag since then he has done seven seasons before retiring.

Summary of ‘The Real Housewives’

Bravo’s Real housewives is a series of several ‘housewives’ in different parts of the USA As a true TV show, the women are famous for getting themselves into many dramas, fights, divorces, arguments and scandals. There is a lot of laughter, shopping, friendship, and other ‘real goals’ of women with tons of money to spend.

Because of his unconventional drama, however, many viewers question his assertion.

For instance, E Online states that Gloria Steinen thinks the show is just about “women, all dressed up and inflated and plastic surgery and a fake breast and an incredible amount of money spent, not getting along with each other . Cynthia Bailey, on the other hand, believes that it “allows women to be real men. We see the uproar, we see the amazing friendship and everything in between. ”

Either way, the reality show is a drama all day, and can’t get enough fans. More so since the same play came in 30 Rock’s “Queen of Jordan” event.

How one program of ’30 Rock ‘was made in the franchise style of’ The Real Housewives’

Mixing the satirical comedy of the 30 Creag and the unusual drama Real Housewives, the show “Queen of Jordan”. The show is also named after Morgan’s wife, Angie’s reality show. The name alone is a worthy title for a show that represents reality TV and the sheer amount of drama that seems to surround just a few people. Not to mention the following.

The show emphasizes conventional plays by getting Jenna pregnant by creating drama for her new website. Angie jeopardizes TGS by reassuring herself about convincing Jordan to come home. A primary school teacher is then released from prison after being accused of having a relationship with a student, and the audience finds out that Frank is the student. The whole program screams Real housewives drama allowed.

Even better, Floss mind states that the acclaimed program was suddenly created to continue Morgan’s story as “Morgan had to take eight weeks off for an emergency kidney transplant in 2011.” While he was away, ” Sherri Shepherd, who played Morgan’s wife on the show, went on to star in a few moments so they can continue with Tracy Jordan’s story while Morgan was on medical leave. ”

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