3 Things to Expect in ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 10 Bonus Episodes, According to the Showrunner

the walking Dead Season 10 provided an interesting final show in which the main group was against Beta, the Whisperers, and the armed pedestrian horde. And as it turns out, the creative minds behind the show are cooking up a few bonus moments. Here’s what presenter Angela Kang says fans can expect as the story unfolds.

Walking Dead: Jeffrey Dean Morgan
Jeffrey Dean Morgan Jace Downs / AMC

The creative team decided to add bonus events to season 10 of ‘The Walking Dead’

In the months following the COVID-19 revolution and product closure, the walking Dead producers and writers continued to work remotely to tell the story. Kang said Hollywood Reporter, “I did Skype, I did FaceTime, I did Zoom, I did remote review of VFX. We are well positioned to work remotely. That has been good for us. ”

While filming the extended hiatus, they planned six bonus events for season 10 that will go on air before they start on the 11th.th and the final season, which will feature 24 programs. During a New York Comic-Con Panel, Kang stressed three things that were expected.

1. Favorite characters appear in bonus titles ‘The Walking Dead’

Ezekiel, Eugene, and Yumiko lost the Whisperer War climate end. The trio embarked on a road trip in search of Eugene’s love affair, Stephanie. During the tour, they formed a new alliance called Princess on the team.

The last time we saw the fourth, a group of armed soldiers were joking. This show decision left the audience wondering how the group would get out of that show.

“We’ll find out more about the group on the road trip,” said Kang. She also said that the soldiers are part of an organized society seen in the walking Dead comics. “I mean, of course, this is a strange new organization that our people have had. For comic book fans, they will recognize these characters as Commonwealth soldiers. And we’ll learn a lot more about this group in upcoming titles. ”

Erika Delgado continued Twitter.

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