10 ‘Little House on the Prairie’ Behind-the-Scenes Secrets That Would Make Pa Ingalls Blush

For nine seasons – between 1974 and 1984 – the Ingalls family of Toilet on the Moor personalization was the values ​​of a healthy family. The story of a 19th century family settling in ancient America was based on children’s novels. And it gave viewers an insight into farm life at simpler times.

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The fascinating stories focused on Laura Ingalls Wilder growing up as a young girl in Walnut Grove, Minnesota with Ma and Pa and her sisters Carrie and Mary. But behind NBC’s drama issues, things weren’t nearly as healthy as you can see on screen. Here are 10 secrets behind the scenes about it Toilet on the Moor that would make Pa Ingalls Blush.

10. The ‘Little House on the Prairie’ star was smoking a chain

Michael Landon starred as Charles “Pa” Ingalls on LHOTP. He was also an active producer, writer and director, and had a bad habit of chain smoking. According to Melissa Gilbert – who started playing Laura Ingalls at the age of 10 – Landon would influence her by putting his cigarettes out in his leather gloves.

9. Tidying up child labor laws

Carrie Ingalls’ replacement went to the same pair of Rachel and Sidney Bush. Landon decided to throw away the three-year-old sisters and ask them to share the part because of California’s child labor laws. The girls would go round every few hours.

8. Using the reconstructed ‘Bonanza’ script

In episode 2 of “A Matter of Faith” Ma had a scratch on her leg which turns into a deadly disease. The script actually came from Landon’s time on Bonanza and the show “A Matter of Circumstance.” He objected Bonanza script for Toilet, turning it into one of the most memorable events in the series.

7. Michael Landon would like to go shirtless

Landon makes this list again thanks to pride in physical fitness. The Hollywood legend loved to show off his body. He would hold his tops with loose buttons. And, if the scene allowed him to go, he would go completely shirtless. He was also known to have gone to commando in some scenes.

6. High levels of cancer in the ‘Little House on the Prairie’ production team

The Big Sky Ranch was the main place to shoot Toilet on the Moor. But what the team and crew didn’t know was that the site was previously a distribution site for live radio content. Some believe that live radio at the ranch is the cause of the high levels of cancer among the team and the team.

5. Extramarital relationship

Toilet on the Prairie’s running, Landon had an affair with makeup artist on set, Cindy Clerico. As a result Landon divorced his second wife, Cheryl, in 1982. Just a few months later, he married Cindy. They remained married until Landon’s death in 1991.

4. 1 ‘Little House on the Prairie’ star wished he was a little taller

When Landon created LHOTP, he saw his character Charles as the father of a figure with a certain swagger. To make himself taller, the actor put 5’9 ″ four-inch lifts in his boots in every program.

3. Home cooked food

according to Remedy bored, the hearty, home cooked meals that Caroline “Ma” Ingalls (Karen Grassle) worked hard always had the same thing – Dinty Moore’s beef stew. The only exception was when she made a fried chicken. That’s when they used KFC.

2. Significant age difference

Gilbert was just 15 years old when it was time for Laura to marry her husband Almanzo Wilder (Dean Butler) Toilet on the Moor. At the time, Butler was 23. In real life, there was a ten-year age difference between Laura and Almanzo, so the age gap was relatively correct.

But as a young teenager, Gilbert was passionate about it and Butler’s first on-screen kiss. After that show, titled “Sweet Sixteen,” Gilbert just asked for bags on his cheeks and hooks.

1. The crew and crew of ‘Little House on the Prairie’ enjoyed drinking alcohol

Between filming their scenes at the Big Sky Ranch in Simi Valley, California, the crew and crew regularly enjoyed drinking alcohol. according to little things, on most days they would crush more than two cases of Coors. At times, they even posted scenes of the Wild Turkey. This all happened while the children’s actors were taking a nap.

The nine seasons of Toilet on the Moor available on Peacock.

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