1 ‘Full House’ Character Dropped Out of High School

Uncle Jesse from Full House inspiring for a number of reasons. He pursued his dream, even though his father wanted him to enter the family business. He gave it his all to help Danny Tanner raise his three daughters.

During one episode, the character even shares something embarrassing about his experience with education – he’s in high school.

Episode 'Full House' entitled 'IQ Man'
Episode ‘Full House’ entitled ‘IQ Man’ Walt Disney Television via Getty Images Walt Disney Photo Archives / Television via Getty Images

Uncle Jesse never graduated from high school

Yes, the Tanner sisters attend school throughout this sitcom. By then, however, fans learned that Joey and Danny were childhood friends, attending elementary school, middle school, high school, and even college together.

Uncle Jesse, however, was less enthusiastic about his educational experience. Viewers learned that he went to Golden Bay High School, but not much more than that. On Episode 6 from Season 6 of this series, entitled “Educating Jesse,” DJ and Kimmy Gibbler tell the Tanners that they are working on a “Stay in School” campaign.

The girls ask Uncle Jesse for help but he says he can’t take part in the project. He never graduated from high school – he ‘s a dropout. There was one teacher in particular, Mr Pearson, who turned Uncle Jesse from learning, who started every class with the question, “have you read any good books recently? ”

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The character enrols in GED classes for the program ‘Educating Jesse’

One day, Jesse was asked to recite a poem in front of his classmates and after laughing, he went to the bathroom and never returned. When the family first heard about this bad experience, they encouraged him to get his GED

Fill it with glasses and “O Captain! My Captain! ”Remember speech, he went back to high school. Little did he know, that old teacher was still working there. After some self-doubt and another incident with this teacher, Uncle Jesse is still attending classes for several events, finally getting her GED.

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Uncle Jesse had a successful career in advertising with Joey

During a few more Full House episodes, this character talks about his experience with education and the uncertainties surrounding it. In the program “No More Mr. Dumb Guy, ”Jesse attends one of Rebecca’s parties to prove his wisdom.

She reassures her boyfriend then that she always thought he was smart, even if he had trouble coping with her other friends. Despite not going to college like Danny Tanner, Joey Gladstone, and, in the end, Tanner ‘s oldest daughter, DJ, Uncle Jesse, had a very impressive career.

He worked in advertising, radio, and television. His passion, however, was always music and he even had a No. 1 song in Japan, titled “Forever.”

Fans can watch events of Fuller House on Netflix, while programs of the original sitcom, Full House, available for streaming on Hulu.

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