You’re ungrateful, stop pretending – Samklef slams Simi

Nigerian music producer Samklef has called out his colleague, Simi, describing her as a shameless person and an advocate.

Samklef said this after he tweeted Simi for sexualizing Tems.

Samklef’s tweet read: “Everyone is waiting to see Tems ynash, me even they are waiting.

In response, Simi wrote “Are you wrong WT *? ”

This didn’t go down well with Samklef who created a thread shouting Simi describing her as an advocate who acts as an angel on social media but quite the opposite.

He honored the crofter ‘Duduke’ for correcting him publicly and not privately.

“Simi is coming on my TL to slow me down, why didn’t you send me a DM asking me to pull down the tweet and tell me it wasn’t good.

“People don’t know who you are, you are one of the strangest souls on this planet, you just pretend to be online like an angel but you are worse.

“Your boys are too manipulative, you all wanted to drag me down. But I’m not going anywhere, the eternity in Nigeria is too much, ”Samklef wrote.

However, after he was dragged on Twitter, Samklef went on to apologize for the tweet about Tems, saying it was just a joke that didn’t want to honor women.

“People post the worst things but they only slow them down the problem than mine. It’s just a joke. But as I said respect all the women out there, respect Tems. I’m sorry for the role Without knowing it, ”read his tweet.

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