Your mother, Carol Afegbai killed UNIBEN student, Ibrahim in 2013″ – Nigerians blast actress Lilian

Nollywood actress Lilian Afegbai and her mother Carol Onyekachi Afegbai are in the news and not for jealousy.

Nigerians accuse Carol, a senior police officer, of killing Momodu Ibrahim, a student at the University of Benin (UNIBEN) in May 2013.

They want the federal government and Nigeria Police to arrest and investigate Carol.

As of 9:00 am on Saturday, tweets about Carol Afebai have surpassed 55,000.

Twitter users have unveiled a plan to launch an online petition to ask signatories to sue her.

Trouble for the family began Friday when Lilian made a video of End SARS complaints.

She criticized those she named for wearing “seductive” clothing to land in Lekki, a high-lying area in Lagos.

Lilian, in the photos recorded in her vehicle, said at the time of complaints that there seems to be nothing but reason.

But Nigerians, who were already angry about police brutality and attacks on demonstrators, refused to back down.

Within a few hours, they opened a book of remembrance and remembered what Lilian’s mother, Carol, who executed a citizen seven years ago, said.

DAILY POST recalls that the Edo Political Forum (EPF) urged the Inspector General of Police, Mohammed Abubakar, to investigate the murder of Ibrahim in June 2013.

They alleged that Ibrahim had been “killed” by CSP Carol Onyekachi Afegbai, a regional police officer (DPO) of Ogida Police Station in Edo State ”.

The group said, in a petition signed by the Umygue Emmy, the then Commissioner of Police (CP) said the young man was an armed thief.

They accused him of “relying on the incredible intelligence provided by the D-She-devil”.

The petitioners stated that the CP stated that the student was “a bus driver and that the juvenile was found to have been shot to size after being killed just about 100 meters from his family home where he lived before Afegbai killed him. ”

EPF called Afegbai “the devil’s first daughter”.

They noted that she claimed to have had a nightmare the day before the incident in which she personally killed two armed robbers.

“Carol Afegbai set out on a team on May 27 looking to kill two imaginary armed robbers, saying her dream is always coming true.”

The forum denied that Momodu was hastily buried on May 28 without the consent of family or close relatives.

“How can you kill and bury an innocent boy, this is another Clifford Orji in Edo State as the DPO killer Carol Onyekachi Afegbai,” the petitioner said.

The EPF called for Afegbai to be ousted and “tried for murder for the murder of innocent people, and to be properly investigated for the source of her modest wealth”.

Since then, nothing has been heard about the case. Police have not yet released any updates.

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