You have no right to insult my family, friends – Paul Okoye slams Davido

Paul Okoye of the incompetent music group P-Square, has stopped at Davido for insulting his friends and family members.

Davido had his logo on Twitter criticized attendees at the individual birthday parties organized by the twin brothers.

His tweet read: “Pu * sy is the f * ck of all the nigg-s that went to Peter and Paul’s birthday apart !! Them nigg-s are TWINS! It’s not my business but Shit hurts I’m angry. ”

However, Paul Okoye, in his response, said that Davido was disappointed to intervene in their case, adding that the ‘Fem’ crofter has no right to do so.

According to him, Davido has no right to call his friends and family ‘P ** sy’ for attending his birthday party and his brother’s party separately.

Paul wrote in his Instagram story: “What level and how much ability do you have for calling my family and friends Pus * y. Bro, did he come here? I am greatly deceived by you. You do not have the right to raise my family and friends of suspects. ”

He said 90 percent of friends who attended his birthday party also attended his own brother.

“For your information, 90 per cent of those who attended my birthday party were also there and I respect their decision. “

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