Witchcraft now modernized into sexual enhancement products – Comedian Arole

Funny actor, actress and on-air personality from Nigeria, Woli Arole, has warned men to be careful as there seems to be an increase in the rate of witchcraft, updated to a sexual rise in the country.

The comedian who warned in a tweet through his Twitter account on Thursday revealed that some women are now openly using witchcraft in the name of selling sex juice.

He warned men to be warned not to fall prey or their destinations disturbed because of sex.

“I realized that witchcraft has been updated to include sexual enhancement products and sex juice.

“Guys out there be careful. Don’t let them take away your DESTINY through SEX.

“I would advise that we bring this new scheme to the attention of loved ones. There are witches within today, ”he said.

Recently, research to find out the cause of the high rate of divorce in the Federal Capital Region of Abuja and other states has shown that desperate and harmful single women are now snatching other people’s men using methods ‘fetish’.

That man’s snipers are said to use an aphrodisiac called Kayan Mata (sex juice) to hypnotise and spell men for themselves.

Witchcraft has now updated to the results of a sexual enhancement – Comedian Arole

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