Why I don’t react to controversies about me – Singer, Wizkid

Nigerian singer Ayo Balogun, also known as “Wizkid” has explained why he never deals with controversial stories about him.

Wizkid has been hailed as one of the few Nigerian celebrities who does not respond when any controversial story hits the internet about them.

The singer was asked in an interview with ThisDay Style why he doesn’t care about dealing with such stories considering his position in society and the music industry.

The father of three said that he does not care when such stories appear on the internet about him because only a silly man goes around trying to prove a point to the world.

It also appeared that in such situations, one never pleases all and should not live from the opinions of men.

“I think once you understand your real truth nothing will move you.

“People’s opinion will not matter either. I believe I am more of a private person and I choose to handle situations that way.

“It’s just a silly man going around trying to make a point for people who don’t really care,” he said.

Why don’t I deal with controversies about me – Singer, Wizkid

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