Why I asked Keyamo for money – Eedris Abdulkareem

Former musician Eedris Abdulkareem has responded to the announcement by Festus Keyamo, Minister of State for Labor and Employment.

Kayamo had accused Eedris of blackmailing him in his new song ‘Jagajaga Reloaded’ because he refused to give him money in 2018 to campaign for President Muhammadu Buhari.

But responding to his Instagram page in 2018, Eedris said he looked up to Keyamo as a brother and companion who loved Nigeria and demanded money because his mother was dying.

His post reads: “Did Festus Keyamo get into the cabal or not?

While in prison, I stood by him, I fought Obasanjo on behalf of all the companions who were in prison, I released Jagajaga.

“When my mother was dying, I reached for a brother, or the man I thought was a brother and companion. Could he have helped? Yes, did it help? It was not. Keyamo was so wicked of heart that he shook and kept personal details for three years. A true sign of Blackmailer!

“In 2018, I still thought the man was a partner who would change the government he served. He then got into the cabal, became an inner caucus and kept the steering wheel spinning Nigeria to injury.

“He set out to crush the youth rebellion, he went into the cabal. The cabal that put down our youth at LEKKI TOLL GATE.

With a spirit of anxiety, I went to the studio again for Jagajaga Reloaded and the Blackmailer went to town. The cable is awake. The cable is beaten. The cabal is in pain. The cable is failing. The cabal will fall.

“The Blackmailer said I recorded a song for Buhari. The title of the song is “Obasanjo wrote Buhari’s Letter”. Here is the link to that song, listen and you will see the displeasure and suspicion of the evil SAN (Chief Blackmailer Advocate from Nigeria) called Festus Keyamo, ”said Eedris

The musician went on to warn Nigerians not to be threatened but to keep asking questions about the state of the country.

“Issues raised on Jagajaga Reloaded are facts. Nigeria has never been so bad. The Jagajaga have taken a gargantuan measure. We need to keep asking questions. We need to ask questions on cable. ”

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