Uche Elendu blasts Nigerians attacking Destiny Etiko over outfit during visit to Yahaya Bello

Nollywood actress Destiny Etiko has gone under attack over her outfit when she visited Governor Yahaya Bello of Kogi state.

Destiny shared Etiko on her Instagram page Friday, a photo of her trip to the governor with the caption; “MEET… YAHAYA ADOZA BELLO, God bless you more for the warm welcome.”

Since then the picture has inspired comments from Nigerians who have dragged her out into wearing ‘obscene’ clothes on such a tour.

Some said visiting regulators was the reason for the flamboyant lifestyle of some Nollywood actresses.

Here are some of the comments DAILY POST collected from Twitter;

@Bomajane “Get us talking, but that suit is no longer suitable for an official visit to the Governor’s office.”

@Daniel_Regha “So Destiny Etiko that the actress couldn’t dress up properly when she visited Yahaya Bello? This is discouraging. What was the purpose of the trip in the first place? Celebrities in particular should be encouraged by good manners so that those who look up to them can report on these lords. “

@Alfred_uvoh “Unsurprisingly, they’re always buying and buying and the male actors just look like dundee.”

@Cassie_Chidiago “What kind of dress is this, very inappropriate.”

@Irelexicon ”Some women just don’t go to heaven, if I’m a sitting ruler and you’re wearing this I’ll be welcome, I’ll go down on you. If I don’t invite you to a club I can’t deceive my wife in the future. ”

@Tayoteye “Visiting a sitting Governor dressed in curvy revealing clothes. Management of the cruise for this country. Is it an official visit, a court visit or a personal visit?

@ Vivianetim4 “I remember when Kim Kardashian went to the white house, she was dressed in a body uniform. It’s an honor to dress properly for any occasion. ”

@OfficialOmojay “Just forget visiting first, don’t forget her wrong choice of clothes out to the Governor’s house. Zero uniformity sensitivity above zero. ”

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