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Nigerian Media personality Uti Nwachukwu has come under attack for using Clifford Orji to reinforce his opinion.

Uti said in a tweet that he would not bet on anyone in his family even if that person was ‘Clifford Orji’ because of love.

He said this while dealing with Prince Harry’s decision to relinquish his royal duty on behalf of his wife, Meghan Markle.

Read his tweet: “Always family, you will see this love thing, if it makes you turn your back on family and keep an eye out.

“Even if Clifford Orji were part of my family, I would never be !! Join anyone (especially a romantic partner) to bring down and condemn my family. Never! Loyalty is essential.

This has not gone down well with Nigerians on social media who have called out for such a comment, saying that it is a crime to choose to support a family member who is evil and should not be marked.

Clifford Orji was the first recorded Nigerian cannibal who was also convicted in 1999 of serial murder, eviction, and sale of human body parts

Orji confessed to eviction and cannibalism and died on 12 August 2012 in Nigerian prisons where he spent 13 years.

Here are some of the comments DAILY POST collected from Twitter:

@Ndaliozegbe “Just to be clear, you mean Clifford Orji the serial killer and the cannibal who sold his victims for rituals?

@ Honestbeing110 “This Clifford Orji example set out who Uti is for. This is the kind that his family kills and buries a man in their family, and will support him to the end. It shows that he will support wickedness and evil for the sake of family and will not speak out against it. ”

@Chydee “The man actually said he would be next to Clifford Orji – a murderer, cannibal and ‘ritual’ – above his wife, if Clifford Orji was his brother. Omoooo x 1732. ”

@Scad_official “What Uti Nwachukwu said is tantamount to saying that if he belonged to the family of Clifford Orji or James Nwafor or any famous killer out there, he would support them because they are a family. . Let us condemn evil when we see it. Support Harry / Meghan without mentioning silly analogies.

@Tommyviccetti “What Uti Nwachukwu was just trying to say is that you should support your family no matter what because blood as they say is thicker than water, which I don’t see anything wrong with that but using Clifford Orji as an example in his book the context was just too much for people to overlook. ”

@Unreadcharlattan “Everyone has a right to have their say, but ideas like these mean that you are established to be in an abstract union. Consider rating Clifford Orji higher than someone you say you love. I don’t think you’ve met evil family members, a prayer you never say. ”

@Aboladeoloyede “Clifford Orji? Has anyone ever told you that you are stupid? Well, you are stupid. Incredibly silly. ”

@Austin_unusual “I’m sorry Uti Nwachukwu and I think I find it a disgrace.
wait! Clifford Orji? The serial killer, kidnapper, ritual among others. No one stands by you when it comes to being a silly Uti, the glory is your honey, take it. ”

@Perky_Jayjay “Clifford Orji? You didn’t have to show this level of nonsense. If you can support a cannibal what does that do for you? You see this mindset is why Nigeria is here; support him / herself no matter what his / her crime is. ”

@Bakaresimbiat “When your wife runs away with the kids, you say she’s fine, unaware that you’ve picked people like Clifford Orji over her. Your mind can never make you handle a woman properly. The hope that a woman will never fall into your trap. “

@Heisizumichels “So Clifford Orji is now a great example for you after learning about what he did for people? I can start a family but not when a family member is as lethal and horrible as Orji It’s sad that this kind of thing comes from you everyone

@Obianujunwa “Of all things for comparison, is it Clifford Orji? Serial Killer, Organ Trader & Ritualist Clifford Orji? And will you choose it over your spouse? How bad could it be for you to pick a murderer over her? Dear Lord, it is your daughter again. Keep shame from me. ”

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