Toke Makinwa gushes about her virginity, poverty

Famous Nigerian media personality Toke Makinwa has revealed that she lost her virginity at the age of 13.

Toke said this in a new episode of her vlog ‘Toke Moments’ on Youtube.

According to her, she received a disdain from an elegant male student in her high school.

In her new program, Toke answered some great questions about herself.

The 36-year-old said: “My first sexual experience when I was 13. met an elegant SS3 senior.

“Please don’t judge me but I don’t know why I had sex at 13.

“I started my sex life before I turned 20 so I can’t advise anyone to be a virgin.

“It bothered me when I was 13-years-old in high school with a male student. Please don’t judge me. “

She said her biggest fear is being poor and not being able to afford the kind of lifestyle she wants.

“My biggest fear is being poor, I want to be able to pay what I want and I don’t want to ask people for anything they want me, ”said Toke.

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