South African rapper, AKA reacts to reports of violent abuse of late partner, Nelli Tembe

South African rapper AKA has issued a public statement in response to reports of alleged “violence and drugs” in his relationship with the late Nelli Tembe’s girlfriend.

To remember that Nelli died on April 11 after falling from the 10th floor of the Pepperclub hotel in Cape Town.

Police are still investigating her death.

Following her death, News24 on Saturday released images showing “AKA using her hands to brutally smash a wooden door in an attempt to get to her late girlfriend in the guise of an assault.

The revelation revealed that a close friend of Tembe, who spoke in a police statement said that Nelli Tembe, who was involved in Kiernan ‘AKA’ Forbes, had suffered extreme violence at the hands of AKA.

“Nelli was physically and emotionally abused by AKA.

“My girlfriend suffered gender-based violence (GBV). As women, we are too silent about the abuse that takes place behind closed doors.

“We need to speak out! Today I am speaking out, ”read the statement to some extent.

She also revealed that her late friend put his video of the attacks she witnessed into the hands of the rapper.

However, while AKA addressed the allegations in a statement on Twitter, he described his relationship with Tembe as “beautiful, but challenging.

He added that he would not be drawn into revealing their problems as a couple in order to defend himself against “one-sided views”.

The rapper also dismissed allegations that “drug use and violent incidents” threatened the couple’s relationship, citing the reports as “an attempt to defame Nelli’s name and character.

“What makes it even more relaxing is the knowledge that some of the people, she and I were fond of their deepest problems, are now using them as a weapon to report my negative character.

“I am a passionate and emotional person. What I do not do and stand up for is watching people try to split my name and, importantly, Nelli responds to a story that the both of us have never signed up, ”said AKA.

South African rapper AKA’s girlfriend falls to the ground from the hotel’s top floor

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