Social media regulation shows Nigerian leaders are irresponsible -Tuface

Music legend, Tuface Idibia has described the plans by the Nigerian government to regulate social media as reckless.

DAILY POST recalls that intelligence minister Lai Mohammed said on Saturday that the Buhari-led government did not intend to shut down social media.

According to the minister, the government is paying attention to freedom of speech so they intend to just regulate social media to stop promoting fake news and promote hate speech.

According to him, a responsible government would not talk about regulating social media at a time when young people want to stop mismanagement, among other things.

In response, Tuface urged the executives to do the necessary first before controlling social media.

On his Twitter page, he wrote: “It is the inconsistency of Nigeria’s ongoing governments, political aristocracy, corporate greed and itching that led social media to enter Nigeria without regulation in the first place.

“All this opposition is now disposing of despair from irresponsible leaders. Make the 1st needed!

“If they say they are responsible governments now they don’t want to talk about this one. ‘It shows how careless they have all been

“Everything I talk about is PDP and APC coming together o. Do not twist. They are the same. ”

Tuface said, however, that everything is expected to be regulated to maintain law and order in the country but not according to the direction the government was planning.

“Everything has a right to be governed. There must be law and order, but this is not the only wey dem dey speech. Their own nyash fowl cover is open dem dem wan, ”said his tweet.

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