Release Baba Ijesha on bail – Yomi Fabiyi threatens protest

Actor Yomi Fabiyi has demanded the release of Baba Ijesha from being held by Wednesday, May 12, 2021.

According to him, it is a violation of human rights for the police to continue detaining Baba Ijesha without trial.

On his Instagram, Fabiyi wrote: “Without Human Protection, Peace and Development is challenging to achieve. Human rights violations are why we are moving backwards.

“The Police or any law enforcement officers MUST NOT RISK anyone in excess of 48 hours (two working days) for ALL CASES. They either provide bail or go to court. The court must hear an application for bail and the judge will decide. ”

The actor, who has been on Baba Ijesha ‘s support side, said he would have a complaint of his arrest, saying that no police officer had the unilateral right to detain the spawn for more than 48 hours.

“If the Police have a compelling reason (s) to detain a suspect outside of the two statutory days, the prosecuting officer under the law is SENT to go to a competent jurisdiction court immediately to argue why RESULTS are needed. Only the court can make such an order. No police officer, no matter what the high position, should give such an order unilaterally. Whatever the allegations or allegations, HUMAN RIGHTS DOES NOT SUPPORT; it will come back to you if you do.

“The law is sacrosanct, anyone can be charged with any crime at any time and all suspects are presumed innocent until proven guilty by the court of law.

“Any state that otherwise sees the citizens sees them as animals that can be thrown around and that do not use democracy,” he said.

Fabiyi also announced that a complaint would be held Wednesday at Panti police station if Bab Ijesha was not released on bail before that date.

“Stand up for what is right, all abuses of power by the police with the support of very few dirty citizens with power is why Nigeria looks hostile towards you despite their resources.

“Make a peaceful protest on Wednesday at Panti against any form of human rights abuses or violations. Don’t be a coward, ”he wrote.

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