Rapper, King Von dies at 26

Chicago rapper King Von has died at the age of 26 after being shot to the ground in an Atlanta shooting.

His friend and producer, DJ On Da Beat, who confirmed his death via his Instagram account, said he was killed Friday after he was shot outside the Hookah Laco Lounge in Atlanta.

“It simply came to our notice then. Please do just FaceTime me bro.

“Why did they have to take it with you. See you again as we are just getting started.

“RIP my best friend,” he said.

Confirming what had happened, Atlanta’s deputy police chief Timothy Peek said physical change had become an exchange of guns with these groups

“Two police officers, who worked at that particular club, or the lounge, noticed the discount and brought in some of the people involved.

“There was also an exchange of guns with the police,” he said.

Also, his fellow artists including Chance The Rapper, Davido, Calboy, Dreezy, Joey Purp, took to social media to express their sympathy.

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