Police clears Nigerian singer, Barry Jhay of murder allegation, reveals cause of Karshy’s death

Nigerian singer Barry Jhay, who was arrested in Ghana in connection with the death of his label leader, Karshy Gordon, has been evicted from the murder charges by Ghanaian police.

Barry Jhay announced his release while releasing a report of an investigation conducted by Ghanaian police through his Instagram account on Tuesday.

Police report that Barry was attacked by the head of his record label shortly after his girlfriend ran into the place where he (Barry) was recording a song to report that Karshy was behaving himself there. the extreme way.

He revealed that Karshy jumped down from the 4th floor of the hotel they had entered in 12 minutes after Barry who attacked him with a knife escaped the scene.

The report also showed that the claim was corroborated by a witness and CCTV footage.

According to the Police, “investigations carried out to date have confirmed that the suspect, Oluwakayode Balogun, is not guilty and has been charged with all murder charges as postmortem investigations have shown. made the deceased die with a severe head injury and a fall from a height. ”

Find the report below.

Police clear Nigerian singer Barry Jhay on murder charge reveals Karshy’s death

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