Peter Okoye did more than Harry for his wife – Nigerians make comparisons

The recent interview and news with Prince Harry’s wife Meghan Markle accusing the royal family of racism has inspired a comparison with the marriage of Peter Okoye and his wife, Lola.

Meghan interviewed Oprah Winfrey on behalf of the racist Royal family.

Her husband, Prince Harry who took her side, resigned from royal duties and moved to the USA.

Some Nigerians have now compared the plight of Prince Harry to that of Peter Okoye who sided with his wife against his brothers, when he separated from Psquare.

Recall that the split between the incompetent music group ‘Psquare’ was criticized on social media after Peter Okoye stated that he would not reunite with his brother.

DAILY POST reminds us that Peter chose his close family instead of his brothers which led to the split of the group.

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However, following the debate of Meghan, a royal family, many Nigerians on Twitter have started commenting on both events.

Here are some of the comments saved by DAILY POST;

@Letter_to_jack “Peter Okoye has not been identified in this way for standing with his wife against his family. Why? I mean the story kinda looks similar in a way. ”

@Theafricangod “We should celebrate Peter Okoye for standing up for his wife against his family. The only difference between Harry and Peter is that the former is a royalty while the latter is not. Patrick Okoye, man. ”

@JoeyAkan “Peter Okoye (Mr P) did more than Harry to protect his wife. He raised his family and left them. Asking with his couple. Scattered Psquare, a successful global music group for his wife. But he was still lost here by both men and women. Isn’t he a Nigerian?

@Nikkimandy “Nigeria may be saying that Peter Okoye’s dressmaker says his wife is using juju but Prince Harry is the most supportive man. ”

@Theebibbs “Peter Okoye is definitely a gentleman. The sacrifice he made for his wife and family, I respect that. ”

@Uncle_Ajala “When Peter Okoye (P Square) with his wife stood up against the wishes of his family, moral, praise and worship lessons were not flying up and down, now that Prince Harry is standing with Meghan against the royal family, see the praise and adoration of Harry and the dragging of Nigerian men up and down. ”

@TillyTillie Watching Harry talk about how he decided to stand up for his own family (Meghan and their children), reminds me of Peter Okoye. It is important to marry a man who is not tied to his family’s apron or who cannot stand up to his wife. ”

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