People would have thought I died from hard drugs – Duncan Mighty

River-born singer Duncan Mighty has once again summoned his wife, Vivian Nwakanwa, and his family to kill him.

DAILY POST reminds us that a few months ago, the singer took to Instagram, claiming that his wife, Vivien, connected with members of her family to try to kill him with an illness through diabolical means, to inherit his property.

He also revealed that DNA results proved that he was not the father of his daughter, Mitchell.

He has again come out accusing his wife of poisoning his food for two more years and his bathing water.

According to him, his wife would have told the world that he would die of hard drugs if her plans were to succeed.

On his Instagram page, Duncan Mighty wrote: “You poisoned my food and bath water for two years and 11 months but God HAD ME, if people have succeeded in killing me you would have told the world that I died. with hard drugs but MERÇY SAID NO.

“The God who saved my life stopped me. No matter where you run to people, it will still recognize you and tell the murderer that you are. ”

He noted that no matter how long his fallen wife lives, God will still hunt her and her family members for the evil deed.

“Vivian nwakanma and her family have not started running yet, if you want to run to the moon, the wrath of God must hunt people for you.

“I will get everything back in Jesus’ name,” said his postman.

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