Paul Okoye of defunct P-square tests positive for COVID-19, warns Nigerians

Nigerian Singer Paul Okoye from the opposition group Psquare has been positive for COVID-19.

Paul posted this on Tuesday morning on his Instagram page.

The singer warned Nigerians to accept that coronavirus is real and adhere to all health guidelines.

Read his post: “COMMENT! Fu * kit! COVID-19 is True !!! I know as a normal Nigerian or an African, it’s very hard to believe. Some say, “the best teacher is experience. Oh well, the experience and the teacher have visited me, and they have been dealing with me for over 10 days now.

He warned that coronavirus is the worst disease ever, advising Nigerians not to be unaware that the virus exists.

“This is not funny. It ‘s the worst illness ever! You better all be careful out there. If you will, believe me, if you do not believe me. You can also wait for your own experience by playing ignorance. Good luck. God help us all. “

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