Omah Lay’s laptop, personal items stolen at airport

Well-known Nigerian singer Omah Lay has raised the alert for personal items stolen at the airport.

The ‘Godly’ crofter revealed on Wednesday that his laptop, audio interface and microphone had been stolen from his box.

Omah Lay, however, did not reveal the name of the airport, nor did the airline.

He stated this on his Twitter page.

The 23-year-old singer wrote: “So they stole my laptop, microphone and audio interface from my box at LMAO airport, are you looking for a successful album or what? ”

Portma Harcourt-based Omah Lay has recorded recordings in recent years.

He is one of the most influential Afrobeat singers of a Nigerian. His EP released in 2020 recorded singles such as ‘You’, ‘Bad Influence’ which carried millions of streams.

Omah Lay laptop, personal items stolen at airport

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