‘No President who loves his country travels for medical checkup’ – Okey Bakassi slams Buhari

Famous Nigerian comedian Okey Bakassi has missed President Buhari on his recent trip to the UK for a medical examination.

Recall that Buhari earlier left Nigeria for the United Kingdom to meet with his doctors for a medical examination.

This had prompted mixed views from Nigerians who said the President’s visit comes at a time when it is needed on the ground to monitor the many challenges facing the country.

However, the comedian in a video through his Instagram account, noted that no President who loves his country or who leads a country with content travels to another country for medical examination.

He also questioned why the President ‘s doctors cannot be brought in or why Aso Rock hospital is not equipped.

“No President who likes his country or leading a country with content travels to another country for a medical examination.

“We have never heard of the President of Australia, the President of South Africa or even the President of Ghana going to another country for medical examinations.

“I am so hurt that Nigeria does not have a proper medical care system, known as the African giant.

“Everything Buhari does has more debt. Nigeria with its unstable travel. The same money they invest in putting together his medical trip to other countries should be used to establish fully equipped hospitals in the country.

“There is no equipment that a hospital needs that the Nigerian government cannot buy. This is the only government that wants to build a railway for the republic and distillery of Niger of 1.5 billion dollars.

“I think the high time we as individuals in this country are waking up,” he said.

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