Nigerian pastors push young girls into kayamata – Actress Georgina slams Mike Bamiloye

Nollywood actress Georgina Onuoha has said teaching from Nigerian ministers is part of the reasons for broken marriages and Kayamata practice by women in the country.

The actress said this while dealing with a statement by Mike Bamiloye, advising single women not to be feminine while preaching against him.

According to Bamiloye, “If you are a single sister who does not join the female movement, the female movement causes you to miss God’s will for your life. If you are married do not join them anymore if you want to get the most out of your marriage.

Onuoha, responding on her Instagram page warning Nigerians to stop listening to such sermons from God’s men in Nigeria, reveals that this is the reason why women in Nigeria have been abused. seen as materials, buildings and that they are always misused by society.

Read her post: “I start questioning the kind of preachers who put there on the pulpit and that is why we have broken society and homes.

To hear about a man of God feminism diminished all that is an una dey craze. It is high time we started reading the Bible on your own and stopped looking at God’s men who lead so many astray.

“These are the kind of teachings and sermons of men of God that are intended to be spiritual leaders teaching Nigerians, but we wonder why women in Nigeria are seen as goods, buildings and un- always abused by the society.

“But this one minister has been benefiting women because everyone was watching his wife grow up as part of his ministry.

“I hope someone tells him that his wife is capable of having a voice and being part of his production as a female textbook interpretation.”

According to her, teaching from ministers has forced young girls and women to use Kayamata, denying them the full potential.

“It is teaching like this that has dimmed the light of so many women in Nigeria, as they are following the words of their pastors and denying their own abilities to reach their full potential.

“It was because of such teaching that our girls and women were reduced to Kayamata.”

She affirmed that the Bible did not teach anti-feminism, adding that many ministers in Nigeria are simply “taking advantage of the scriptures, destroying them in order to suppress their own fragile enmity.

“Women should ask for what you are entitled to, respect your father and husband but not let anyone tell you that you are not enough or even your pastors.

“It is not a sin to demand equal pay, equal respect, the right to lead and to be heard,” she said.

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