Nicki Minaj’s father killed in ‘hit-and-run’ accident

Nigerian Instagram comedian Debo Adebayo is widely known as Mr Macaroni for the horrific experience he had after being arrested by the Nigerian Police Force on Saturday.

The comedian revealed in a video shared via his Instagram story on Sunday that police officers threatened to kill them all if the news of their arrest was not spread on social media.

He also said that they were beaten and stripped naked as if they were criminals.

According to him, “the Police officers told us that we were lucky not to be arrested at night because they would have killed all of us and nothing would happen.

“First of all, I want to thank everyone for their efforts to make sure we were all released safely.

“Honestly, it was a terrible experience. I went out not because I am the only one who is brave enough to complain in Nigeria but because I knew there would be other people too and also we just wanted justice .

“At some point, I was appalled by the number of remarks made by the police officers who arrested us.

“I knew people were going to die. If there were no words out there about our arrest, they would have killed all of us.

“After our arrest at the Lekki toll gate, we were taken to Adeniji police station where we were beaten and taken naked.

“Indeed, if it were not for the videos of our arrest already on social media, it would have been another day mourning the loss of innocent Nigerian youths who came out for peaceful protest.

“The police officers even told us that we are lucky that the news was already everywhere because if it was at night, they would have shot us and nothing or nothing would do about it.

“I’m currently going to the hospital for tests because I have bruises all over my body from the blows I received,” he said.

To recall, police protesters posted to Lekki Toll Gate arrested some protesters including the funny Instagram actor.

The spokesperson for the Lagos State Police Command, Muyiwa Adejobi, said in a statement on Saturday afternoon that the forty (40) suspects at Lekki Toll Gate plaza were arrested for conspiracy, and COVID protocols were violated -19.

According to him, the suspects gathered at the Lekki Tax Gate to cause tensions, thus behaving in a way that was a breach of state peace.

However, Macaroni and forty (40) other EndSARS militants arrested after police were slapped by Nigerians for the unlawful extermination of unarmed militants were bailed out. .

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