NBC bans Ric Hassani’s song ‘Thunder Fire You’

The National Broadcasting Corporation, NBC has banned Ric Hassaini’s song from being played on the radio.

This singer appeared on his Twitter page.

His Tweet read: “Therefore, NBC has banned my song ‘Thunder Fire You’ and is fining radio stations that play it. Interest.

“I was always calm in the storm.”

However, he did not reveal any reasons but it seems that the song was banned for using certain words.

Some of the lyrics from the song are “Thunder fire you for when you cheated on me”, “E no go better for you”.

While it ‘s a breaking song, this could look offensive and break NBC’ s code.

Ric Hassani is best known for his single “Gentleman”, and his new album “The African Gentleman”.

He has just released his second album “The Prince I Become”.

NBC bans Ric Hassani’s song ‘Thunder Fire You’

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