My carelessness pushed a negative narrative about Kiddwaya – Kaisha explains kissing video

Former Big Brother Naija housekeeper Kaisha Umaru has leveled the reports that she and her widow were sharing a kiss at a birthday party on Saturday.

There have been reports circulating around the internet that the relationship between former BBNaija housemates Erica Nlewedim and kiddwaya has collapsed.

The two did not come out in public to say if the reports were true or why their relationship collapsed when they stayed at Biggy’s house.

However, trouble began when Kaisha posted a video that ended abruptly with Kidd watching him almost kiss her through her Instagram story while attending a Praise birthday party on Saturday night.

The video started going through a lot of rumors.

While some Nigerians on social media slammed Kidddwaya for honoring Erica always saying it was not appropriate for them to be seen in such a situation, some thought that they both deserved to be together.

Responding, kaisha said in a post through her Twitter account on Sunday that no matter what misunderstanding came from people
her carelessness.

She also said she had too much to drink at the party that she unknowingly released the video without releasing a full version of it.

According to her, “Kidd is like a brother to me and I never thought of kissing Kidd.Never! ”

So I woke up to “Kidd Kaisha kissed last night”. How come ??? Oh yeah, I had too much to drink at Praise’s birthday party last night and I don’t remember kissing Kidd and where does this come from?

“Kidd’s ritual is not about pouring drinks into our new mouths and we all know how much fun it is.

“Kidd is like a brother to me and I never thought about kissing Kidd! Never !!! It is my fault that I was careless last night; I had too much to drink.

“My negligence pushed a negative statement about Kidd and I apologize for that. For those who accept Kidd’s behavior that he kissed me I have also released the full video for you to see for yourself, ”she said.

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