Lin Qi, billionaire Netflix producer dead after alleged poisoning

Lin Qi, Yoozoo Games Chairman and Netflix producer is dead.

He died after days of illness reported with poison tea.

The Chinese billionaire, 39, created the Game of Thrones: Winter Is Coming.

In 2015, Yoozoo Group bought the rights to a Chinese sci-fi trilogy, The Three Body Problem.

In September, Netflix announced that it would convert the books to an English language series by Game of Thrones creators David Benioff and DB Weiss.

Shanghai police have detained a man for the alleged poisoning. Local media identified the suspect as Lin’s colleague, Xu Yao.

Lin Yoozoo was founded in 2009. Hurun China Rich List puts its net worth at around 6.8billion Yuan.

“Goodbye young man. We will be together, we will continue to be kind, we will continue to believe in goodness, and we will continue to fight against all that is bad, ”the company said in a statement.

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