Leave me out of this, I did not cheat on 9ice – Ex-wife, Toni Payne warns

9ice ‘s ex – wife, Toni Payne, has warned fans to stop coming to her social media page accusing her of cheating on her ex – husband, 9ice.

Toni Payne said this on her Instagram page after a viral video of the singer cheating on his wife, Sunkanmi along with another woman.

There have long been allegations that the marriage between Payne and 9ice took place because she was cheating on 9ice with a Ruggedman.

However, the ex-wife took to her Instagram page Saturday claiming she never cheated while married at 9ice and cursed those shy worries on her.

She warned fans to leave her out of the drama recently around 9ice and let her leave her life, adding that she has moved on.

Toni Payne said: “One of the strangest things I have to deal with is a random half-word coming up on my page to accuse me of cheating on my ex, something that didn’t happen. never. I don’t know how many times I have to say this.

“It’s been 10 years, move on and stop making me cheat on my ex-husband, 9ice.

“I don’t know why people come to my page with this, I’ve moved on leave me alone.

“The fact that I have to deal with this 10 years later worries me, but leave me out of this bullshit because I don’t want any of this. “

This comes after 9ice publicly apologized to his wife for cheating on her.

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