Jamaican Reggae legend, U-Roy is dead

Ewart Beckford, a Jamaican reggae legend known as U-Roy, is dead.

Marcia Smikle, her partner, confirmed this death to The Gleaner, Jamaican news website

“He died at 11:10 last night at the University Hospital of the West Indies (UHWI) after undergoing kidney surgery.”

Smikle revealed that U-Roy had been receiving treatment for diabetes and high blood pressure, and was also suffering from kidney problems.

“He had diabetes and hip tolerance, but those were under control because we made sure he took his medication. But he also had a kidney problem and was being treated in Andrews [Hospital], and then they asked us to take him to UWI for surgery because the kidney had lifted the mat, and it was dripping. ”

She said, however, that dialysis for the kidney was recommended but the Reggae legend refused to do so before he died.

Dancehall star Shaggy said at the time of his death that U-Roy was a true myth.

On his Instagram page, he wrote, “Today we lost one of our heroes! A real myth in this dancehall / Reggae game.

“With people as good as Colonel Josey Wales and Charlie Chaplin, pioneers in this game with a catalog of U Roy’s amazing records were masters of his craft. Rest Well daddy Roy! ”

In 2004 U-Roy was among the artists featured on Toots and the Maytals star Grammy-winning album True Love.

He also won the Order of Fame from the Jamaican government for his contribution to music in 2007.

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