It’s s no longer about SARS – Seun Kuti reveals why youths are still protesting

Afrobeat musician and activist Seun Kuti has said that the ongoing protests across the country are no longer about the Anti-Robbery Special Squad and all police reform. .

He said the protests have gone further as a new agenda against anti-government actions has emerged.

The protests have continued across the country despite the government’s announcement of the abolition of SARS and agreeing to meet the demands of the protesters.

The artist noted that it was necessary for the government to talk to the protesters.

“People should not sit in their high offices in Abuja. Take yourself off your high horse. Come and connect with the people who voted just for you. Come and hear what’s going on, ”he said.

Commenting on how the protest was raised as some government officials might have believed, the Afrobeat star dismissed the claims and urged those in authority to see it as an opportunity.

“Don’t suffer, don’t think someone is trying to seduce you. These are your people who are trying to talk to you, ”he said.

“It’s really time we can build a bridge (between the government and the people), but they don’t want to hear that.

“EndSars may be the motto but the intention is to change our relationship with the government in this country.

“As soon as the government starts to hear the people about what we want – in terms of good governance, in terms of putting what matters to us, in front of their own office,” Seun said Kuti.

“We have a government and we believe they should do the job; as some of the highest paid politicians in the world, they should be the hardest workers for their people. But we tend to have a country where the people work to make things easier for them in government and that should not be the case; a country should work for the good of the people.

“So what we are saying is that there must be a change in the relationship between the people, the government and our commonwealth; how it is circulated and those who benefit from it. This is what the people are saying, and this is what we have always said.

“It’s not just about police reform; that’s not what you have. You owe us good schools, a good salary, a high standard of living – all the quality things that you and your family enjoy in this country and beyond. We, at least, deserve to enjoy it here.

“For me, personally I do not want to go back and I think the people of Nigeria also do not want to go back. I am a servant of the people and I follow the people, ”he said.

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