“I’m gay”- Singer, Kehlani reveals her sexuality

American singer Kehlani has revealed her sexual status.

The singer revealed in a video through her Instagram account Thursday that she is a lesbian.

She also explained that she has been trying to have close conversations with her family and friends about coming out.

According to her, when she recently decided to be gay during Instagram Live, people thought she was joking.

“I know it took me a while to get this done but I’m gay.

“I’ve been trying to have close conversations about this part of myself and come out with my family and friends.

“Honestly I didn’t think this would be so easy as they are almost horrified and also said they have known for a while.

“This is who I am and I would be happy my love for who I am,” she said.

Kehlani has a 2-year-old daughter, Adeya Nomi, with her ex, guitarist Javie Young-White.

“I’m gay” – Singer, Kehlani expresses her sexuality

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