‘If I had sex with anybody, let me die’ – Oritsefemi reacts to cheating allegation

Nigerian singer Oritsefemi Ekele has vowed to die suddenly if he has sex with anyone but his wife, Nabila Fash.

The singer said this after his wife Monday accused her husband of having sex with someone else while she was away at work.

Nabila wrote on her Instagram: “Whoever imbecile went to my house while I was away at work to have sex, you have to identify yourself.

“On a Monday morning, when people are out looking for some people’s daily bread, their problem, like Wt *, is ef * ck.”

Oritsefemi’s wife also took to her Instagram stories lamenting her rocky marriage as she was advising women.

“Ladies, it’s not wrong to love you! It is not wrong to give it a second chance! It is not wrong to have it to protect your home or marriage! It is wrong to continue as a fool and not know your worth, ”she wrote.

However, in a post shared via his Instagram Stories Tuesday, Oritsefemi promised to die suddenly if he had sex in his house.

“If I had sex with anyone yesterday, let me die suddenly,” he wrote.

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