I was a virgin till 24 – Nigerian singer, Flavour

Nigerian singer Chinedu Okoli, known as “Flavor”, has stated that he was a maiden to 24.

The father of three mentioned this in an interview with Ebuka on Bounce Radio.

Flavor also remembered living with a man who did not have a TV, would not allow women to enter and prevented the consumption of alcohol.

According to him, living with the man made it impossible for him to connect with women at that time.

“I was a maiden until I was 24 years old. This was possible because the first one I used to live with and who was also the first one I attended did not give me access to television.

“There was no television, woman, alcohol and no sex until I was 24.

“The worst part of everything was living with an unmarried man, so there was no room for that. With it, it was just work and ongoing work because then, it seemed like I already had one particular lifestyle.

“Unfortunately too, at the time, there was no proper sex education, so I wasn’t really being educated on how these things work.

“I was fascinated by a random girl I met at one of my shows then. She made the moves towards me, and after discovering that I was still a beginner in that area, she vowed to make me a man.

“But honestly, it’s been a different story ever since,” he said.

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