I had three strokes, suffered brain damage, can’t see anymore – Demi Levato

American actress and Singer Demi Levato has reported that she suffered brain damage and a stroke three times.

This Disney star appeared in docuseries on her Youtube page titled ‘Dance with the devil’, even as she confessed to using heroin and crack cocaine.

Levato who starred heavily for her role in the musical ‘Campo Rock’ almost lost her life in 2018 after suffering a drug addiction.

The 28-year-old star revealed that 2018 was a difficult time as she had a heart attack and is no longer driving.

Levato said: “I don’t think people understand how bad it was for me in 2018.

“I suffered three strokes and a heart attack. I also got brain damage from the stroke and can no longer drive

“I have a blind spot in my sight, I can see no more.”

I had three strokes, I suffered brain damage, I will never see again – Demi Levato

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