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Singer cum politician Banky Wellington has shared his struggles with infertility and trolls on social media.

Banky W in a video on his Youtube channel reveals that he and his wife were considering a medical procedure when they could not have a baby after failed IVF.

“Every day there was a rumor or the other about us on the internet, some said I was poor or my wife was infertile. Sometimes these people are just plotting to hurt us.

“We had IVF before we lost the couple. In total, we had three failed IVFs.

“We considered surrogacy and had a surrogate at the time but decided we weren’t going to do anything more to have a baby. ”

Banky W said that after they tried IVF three times, he made a decision with his wife to stop trying to conceive a child and let God make his way.

“We have decided to stay one year without trying anything and to trust or accept God if that is what God wants. In that year of trusting in God, we received good news, ”he said.

Adesuwa also commented on her struggles as she tried to conceive, “Some said I’m naked, you did something with your belly. I have heard all sorts and every time I have heard that I have gone back to God telling him to show himself, since I serve him faithfully, he should tell them that i serve it. I kept telling God that they were making fun of you, not me.

“I felt like God wasn’t coming through, it was like a monthly break. We had multiple IVF failures, I have veins in my hands that no longer work.

“IVF is an emotional, physical and very difficult thing for any woman.

“During that period of IVF, I was in a trance and people thought I was pregnant but I was very sad. The second IVF didn’t work at all. ”

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